Hello babes!

We are so, so appreciative of all the positive attention and support we’ve received from this community and from all of the amazing, talented people who hit us up to book. We’ve got a couple possible weekends free in August but beyond that, we are BOOKED through September! Fuck yeah!

We’re currently working on October gigs and on.

When you’re hitting us up to book a gig, please keep in mind we are just a couple of gals who do this FOR FREE and DO NOT TAKE ANY DOOR MONEY or GET PAID IN ANY WAY. If we have flyers commissioned, we pay out of pocket. We do this because we love music, we love our local scene, and we’re dedicated to making it safer, more representative, and more inclusive. Please be respectful, please be patient (we got jobs, school, and cats so yeah we’re p busy), and please please PLEASE do not be rude to us because we have no reason to not drop your show. Sorry bout it.

The best way to hit us up is still through Facebook Messenger (I know, we’re trash) or email, but please give us a bit to respond!

We’re looking to book more emo pop, queer punk, and doom gigs this fall. Ideally, most gigs will be booked on Thursdays-Sundays. Let’s gooooooo.

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