SPC Weekly Playlist

SPC Weekly Playlist

What’s up y’all! We’re straight up killin’ the chill summer playlists lately. This week, we’re featuring breathy femme vocals, calming beats, and dreamy acoustic chords.

This playlist features one of our new local favs: Sonia Barcelona.🌹 We just discovered her music and we absolutely can’t stop listening – and we’re so excited to catch her with Japanese Breakfast at the Bunkhouse on June 21st (sorry kiddos – 21 and over).

More info about Sonia Barcelona can be found on her Facebook page here.

If you’re into this playlist, we’ve got an event coming up on June 11th here in Vegas that we think you’ll dig – check it out

As always, this playlist is a combination of the Surprise Party Team’s recent plays by femme & queer artists.

We LOVE recommendations – send us something you wanna see on next week’s playlist!

New playlist every Friday. Follow on Spotify to make sure you stay updated!🎉 See y’all next week.


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